1. Our Zumba® Crew
    Our Zumba® Crew
    The best instructors in Yakima!
  2. Carmen and Meaghan
    Carmen and Meaghan
  3. Quinn
  4. Gary and Quinn
    Gary and Quinn
  5. Meaghan and Mindy
    Meaghan and Mindy
    Getting low!
  6. Christa and Meaghan
    Christa and Meaghan
    Check out those arms!
  7. Let It Move You
    Let It Move You
  8. Our Grand Opening Party
    Our Grand Opening Party
  9. Meaghan and Kim
    Meaghan and Kim
  10. Bathroom
  11. Showers Available!
    Showers Available!
  12. Front Desk
    Front Desk
  13. Z!
  14. Our Dance Floor
    Our Dance Floor
    The LARGEST dance space in Yakima
  15. Children's Supervised Play Area
    Children's Supervised Play Area
    All children are supervised throughout the entire class!
Meet Our 
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Our team is comprised of Instructors that are driven to provide the motivation necessary for you to reach your goals